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featured by MARC AND DAVID : AUDI x FC BAYERN MÜNCHEN, represented personally by Sadio Mané, Leroy Sané, Matthijs de Ligt, Alphonso Davies and Ryan Gravenberg – photographed by MARC AND DAVID

Sadio Mané, Leroy Sané, Matthijs de Ligt, Alphonso Davies, Ryan Gravenberg – AUDI called upon them – and didn’t have to ask the soccer stars of FC BAYERN MÜNCHEN twice. Against the impressive backdrop of their home stadium Allianz-Arena in Munich, the athletes stood in front of the camera of photographer duo MARC AND DAVID.

“For us as soccer fanatics, an absolute childhood dream came true when thjnk Hamburg asked us to photograph some of the biggest stars of FC Bayern München for AUDI.” MARC AND DAVID.

“The partnership between Audi and FC Bayern was established in 2002. The driving force behind this successful collaboration is the unflinching will to win, the goal of being the best in one’s class – aspirations that both brands share. In the future, we will expand our strategic cooperation in the areas of electrification and sustainability even further, to the ultimate benefit of fans and customers. The ground rules of this successful partnership remain unchanged: trust, reliability and integrity.” AUDI.

The commissioning agency was thjnk with creatives Kaloyan Yanev (CD), Jan Altmann (AD) and Art Buyer Laura Früchtenicht.

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featured by Upfront Photo & Film GmbH : BUGATTI Chiron Pur Sport films by Simon PUSCHMANN c/o UPFRONT - and we have the director’s cut in the Super 8 version for you on GoSee.News

What we have for you here on GoSee.News is nothing less than the director’s cut, and Super 8 version, of the BUGATTI Chiron Pur Sport film shot by photographer and director Simon PUSCHMANN c/o UPFRONT. And that with the original vehicle. For the client’s version, the Chiron Pur Sport was staged in CGI, for which only 5% of the entire Super 8 footage made it into the final edit.

Pure driving pleasure, pure adrenaline – that’s what the new CHIRON PUR SPORT stands for. A substantial evolution of the BUGATTI CHIRON ‘Form follows performance’ concept, making it the most agile and uncompromising hyper sports car of modern times, if you ask Bugatti about the new model.

Director & Super 8 camera master was Simon Puschmann, DOP was Stefan Hegenberg, who worked with Executive Producer Tim Michel together with Sonda Productions. Post production by Harvest Digital Agriculture.

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featured by KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN : ‘SALTY SEAS’ – model Theresa Ganner in LOVESOME MAG, photographed by Robert GRISCHEK c/o KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN

Fly fishing, the once royal pastime between sport and meditation, is what the fashion editorial ‘SALTY SEAS’ by Robert GRISCHEK c/o KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN for LOVESOME MAG is all about.

Styling was taken care of by Seraphine de Lima. Theresa Ganner c/o Her Management is clad in fashion from Iris von Arnim, Maison Margiela Vintage, Adidas by Stella Mc Cartney, Isabel Marant and Moncler as well as earrings by jewelry designer Monica Camperi from Hamburg – plus fly fishing tackle from KFT Flyfishing.

Fly fishing has become younger, more attractive and more feminine – and is above all a fashion trend today. And you don’t even have to fly halfway around the world to do it.
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