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‘From Here to Nowhere’ photos from deserted places in the American West - a fine art project by Rui CAMILO c/o HAUSER FOTOGRAFEN appearing as edition and book at CHROMFELD

The series of works entitled ‘From Here to Nowhere’ was created on a road trip through the rural West of the USA. Rui CAMILO c/o HAUSER FOTOGRAFEN drifted around with no specific destination in mind, exploring the country far away from the big cities. The motifs appeared as a book and prints at CHROMFELD.

“The relationship between people and spaces, places that are not immediately identifiable, that one comes across rather than looks for, and that are often imbued with a sense of hopeless loneliness. Where exactly the pictures were taken is irrelevant. Places that often resemble stage sets linger in an endless loop between emergence and decay. Inventories of the ever-changing, complicated relationship of man to his physical environment. The viewer can complete the traces of life that are recorded with the images to form an imaginary picture of his or her own. In this way, ideas, assumptions and stories about civilization are transported into the present of the viewer.”

CHROMFELD presents a stylistically diverse selection of very different aesthetic, formal and conceptual approaches. Behind it are Rui Camilo, Carsten Riffel and Holger Lindner. “For many decades, photography has not only been at the heart of our professional activities – if anything, it has been a central motivating force in our lives. And so, together with photographers whose work inspires us and whose contemporary perspectives represent for us the important issues of our time, we want to contribute to a debate for the better understanding and support of cultural, political and human viewpoints, and to nurture this creative community,” says Rui.
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‘Wilted’ - the fine art project by Thomas BALZER c/o HAUSER FOTOGRAFEN shows how a lack of moisture can make for wonderful photos

See the positive in all things – Thomas BALZER c/o HAUSER FOTOGRAFEN shows us how in his new fine art stills series. For ‘Wilted’, he created wilting floral arrangements that warm our hearts one last time.
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Across the Alps with a racing bike and the BMW iX – in the BMW iX TRANSALP BIKE TOUR reportage by YANNICK WOLFF c/o HAUSER FOTOGRAFEN for BMW and Territory

YANNICK WOLFF c/o HAUSER FOTOGRAFEN accompanied the BMW iX TRANSALP BIKE TOUR for BMW and the agency TERRITORY. He takes us with him on a day-long trip over the main Alpine ridge and shows us why the BMW iX is the ideal companion for a tour across the Alps.

Standing in front of the camera alongside the BMW iX – the newest BMW i model and technology flagship of the brand – were pro biker Maria Wilke and Editor Nils Arnold. More by Yasnnick is available via HAUSER FOTOGRAFEN.
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