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HELIUM PRODUCTION BERLIN is delighted to announce NEW entry photographer Patrick Kenawy, Amsterdam

NEW entry at HELIUM BERLIN is Patrick Tarek Kenawy, An Egyptian-Dutch photographer who lives and works in Amsterdam. His keen interest in storytelling is what makes his work stand out. His photographs are a combination of digital and analogue, and he always tries to convey the look & feel of both worlds in his images.

Today, Patrick is also focused more and more on video and documentary. Cultures and people around the world remain his greatest source of inspiration. All the while, he continues to work with big brands such as Adidas, Footlocker, Nike, The New Originals and more.

We have a first portfolio for you on GoSee.News.

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‘Life is too short for boring cars.’ – the SHARE NOW 1-minute film presents you the newest automobile fleet of the popular carsharing service; a spot produced by HELIUM PRODUCTION BERLIN

Meet the fleet. For SHARE NOW, Berlin-based film production company HELIUM.BERLIN just produced no less than ten motion control films which show the extensive high-quality range of rental cars offered by the innovative carsharing service at its best. Here on GoSee.NEWS, we present you the one-minute best-of film. Motion control is a special effect used in films which makes it possible to precisely repeat the same camera or object movements in different shots by means of computer automation. Afterwards in post production, the shots can be composited together. The director was Sebastian Brune, Global Creative Producer SHARE NOW.

SHARE NOW is a carsharing service based in Berlin. The mobility service provider was founded in 2019 as a joint venture between the BMW Group and Daimler AG : “SHARE NOW puts you in the driver’s seat of the world’s most iconic vehicles. Within seconds, the app shows you the car closest to you. With a few taps, you’re at the wheel, driving to your next destination. Enjoy thousands of the world’s most popular cars in the streets of our different SHARE NOW cities.” 

Share Now offers what it refers to as Free Floating Carsharing services in sixteen urban areas, located in eight countries, with around 11,000 vehicles. Vienna, Copenhagen, Paris, Budapest, Amsterdam, Madrid, Berlin, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart, Milan, Rome, Turin … are on the list so far. With SHARE NOW, you can drive the same car for up to 30 days by the way.

The vehicle fleet consists of cars from the brands BMW, Fiat, Peugeot, Mercedes-Benz, Citroën, Mini, and Smart. This includes 2,900 battery-electric vehicles, which is around one fourth. In the cities Amsterdam, Madrid, Paris and Stuttgart, only electric vehicles are used.

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‘Chaos & Freedom’ – director Markus WENTLANDT c/o HELIUM PRODUCTION BERLIN portrays Magnus Walker for PORSCHE

Advertising Director and Creative Director Markus Wentlandt can be proud to have had stars such as Patrick Dempsey or Angelique Kerber, or as shown here in the film for global player Porsche, even fashion designers, style icons, and car enthusiast Magnus Walker in front of his camera. The Berlin-based creative works for clients from Netflix to BMW or even SAP, and now also works as a show runner for TV series.

“But the most interesting question of all is where this will lead to next.”

Already as a student, Magnus Walker caught the Porsche fever, but a 911 seemed out of reach for the Brit. Today, he owns one of the most spectacular car collections in the world. For his 50th birthday, the Sheffield native, home away from home in California, published his autobiography ‘Urban Outlaw’. Find the article for the film under the following link.

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