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Only 15 % of agency photographers are women. Only 25% of the work shown at exhibitions is by female photographers. Male colleagues in the field of photography earn 31% more on average.2

We don't want to talk about it anymore, we want to change it. We are a collective of professional female photographers from the fields of advertising, editorial and art. Together, we are fighting for more visibility, diversity and equal rights on the German market.

We are both a solidarity network and a driving platform. To exchange ideas with each other and as a beacon for potential customers and clients.

Because together we are stronger, louder and therefore more visible.
Let's work together to ensure that we are seen, booked and celebrated.
Let's tell, collect and curate our stories, images and visions.
So that future generations will take it for granted that photographers have absolutely equal rights when it comes to pitch invitations, commissions and agency portfolios.
That's what we're fighting for here, politically and with all our might.

We are here, we are good and we are many. We are Herspective.

Aim high. Shoot higher.