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Herspective Collective is a collective of professional photographers from the fields of advertising, editorial and art. Together we fight for more visibility, diversity and equality on the German market.

At some point we came across the weekly magazine of a daily newspaper that almost every photographer enjoys working for. It was about the 100 best pictures of the year. As we browsed through, we noticed that there were hardly any pictures by female photographers. We counted - there were only 6. Do women take worse pictures? No. Is the magazine misogynistic? Is not it.

We kept counting – the numbers looked just as bad in representative offices and large professional associations. Only 15% of professional photographers working in advertising and editorial, representative offices and professional associations are female and the more prestigious and better paid the jobs, the fewer women there are.

Don’t customers have the same trust in our work as they do in that of our male colleagues? And why, according to a survey by the artists' social security fund, are we paid even less? And where are all the photography students? Because more than every second person on the course is a woman. Do they not feel invited? Do you feel like you don't belong in the industry? The reasons for the imbalance are deep. Our industry is certainly not explicitly exclusionary towards women, but there is obviously a problem. That's what the numbers show.

15% is simply not enough. We are much more!

So we came together so we could be stronger, louder and more visible as a group. And so that we can finally change something. This is how Herspective Collective came into being – an association of professional photographers from the fields of advertising, editorial and art. © // 2 files show complete blog