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featured by BIRD PRODUCTION : New at BIRD PRODUCTION : photographer Bastian THIERY, Berlin

BIRD PRODUCTION is delighted to now have the honor of representing Berlin-based photographer Bastian THIERY. Bastian visited the Documentary Class at New York’s International Center of Photography School (ICP) before graduating from the famous Ostkreuz School of Photography in Berlin. Ever since, he has been busy photographing for some of the most significant publications in Germany such as Die Zeit and FAZ but also for The Wire magazine, Indie magazine, Monopol, Borshch magazine, Sleek magazine, 10Magazine, … just to name a few.

He also published his first book in 2018 entitled ‘Humpelfuchs’, a study of Neukölln, the Berlin district where he lives: “One night, I came across a limping fox in my neighborhood. It was curious and waited for me when I approached it and ran away when the distance between us became too short. Then it stopped for a moment, only to wait for me again. That night, I took five photos of the fox. It disappeared behind a fence and left me behind, longing to meet it again.”

Among his commercial clients are already names such as Arte TV, Liebeskind or even Hien Le.
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