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news ‘Vanishing Point’ – the photographic revival of the iconic 70s film by HOLGER WILD

What ‘Easy Rider’ is for motorcyclists – well, that’s what ‘Vanishing Point’ is for car fans. A film from the seventies in which speed limits are exceeded at times, joints are smoked, and hippies fight for free love in the desert.

Photographer HOLGER WILD re-interpreted the classic film photographically with the new Dodge Challenger. The result are photos that let you almost feel the heat of the California desert, taste the dust on your tongue and “make the gas in your blood start to boil,” as Holger puts it. “Because only when the last lithium has been mined for electric cars, the wallboxes have overloaded the electrical grid, and exceeding the speed limit is automatically reported to the insurance company and the police will we comprehend that drivable cell phones are not the solution either. (To be discussed... ;-).”

Vanishing Point is an American road movie by Director Richard C. Sarafian from the year 1971 with Barry Newman in the lead role, who was widely unknown at the time....

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