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HOLGER WILD photographs the PORSCHE special color palette from the GT3RS to the 718 in Barcelona and Madrid for Grabarz & Partner

Holger WILD had the delightful task of photographing PORSCHE EXCLUSIVE MANUFAKTUR’s special exterior color palette across the entire range for carmaker PORSCHE. Created in both Barcelona and Madrid were photos that came at just the perfect time for this gray season – conveniently making the long wait for springtime that much shorter.

The production with more than six vehicles to shoot, three models and crew of 25 was as always under the expert executive of the team from GoSee Member WIDE PRODUCTION with Daniela Witting and Volker Dencks. The cars were then layered over the photographed vehicles in 3D by ZERONE Postproduktion with a total of 75 different colors and models, after which extremely authentic final touches were put on in post.

“Many thanks to the agency Grabarz und Partner (AB: Indra Habermann) for the initial spark of inspiration and Porsche AG for the pleasure! Springtime come soon...,” says Holger.
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HOLGER WILD presents his personal project ‘Iron Catwalk’, photographed against a backdrop of modern architecture in Lisbon

A fashion portrait as personal work – surrounded by modern architecture in Lisbon.
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JOIN MY RIDE’ – the cool  after-shoot spin featuring Malalaika Gierke and Blake Kalawart, photographed by HOLGER WILD

After all, who likes to go home alone in the evening? A simple idea was enough to spark the creation of a spread with Holger Wild’s typical narrative style. For which Holger skillfully motivated models Malalaika Gierke and Blake Kalawart to take a small spin for the portfolio following an advertising shoot. “Just because it’s fun,” as the photographer ensures us.

In post production, the spread was finalized in the end by ZERONE from Hamburg with a hip 80s film look. “Thank you all for the cool extra ride!”

GoSee : holgerwild.de
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