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news featured by MARC AND DAVID MARC AND DAVID present the experimental series ‘Brutus’ - created with eleven backgrounds in eleven different locations in three countries, at the perfect time for each

An unusual experiment is brought to us by the photographer team MARC UND DAVID with a playful approach to spatial separation and our usual visual perception. The focus is on a FORD ST and male model Jack D. Mensah c/o BRODY BOOKINGS, who was clad in Balenciaga and Prada.

‘Brutus’ is an experimental body of work that turns the usual process of photography on its head and takes it to extremes. Our daily work is all about timing, and sometimes it’s a real challenge to bring all elements of an image together in the same place at the same time.

It all starts with finding the perfect location where everything is just right. The background, the color, the floor, and the orientation of the location so you have the desired light at least once a day. This usually already determines the setting. Now you require talent, a stylist for the talent, and in our case as transportation photographers, we needed a car. All together in the same spot at the same perfect time.

For ‘Brutus’, we turned the...

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