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featured by MARC AND DAVID : MARC AND DAVID present the experimental series ‘Brutus’ - created with eleven backgrounds in eleven different locations in three countries, at the perfect time for each

An unusual experiment is brought to us by the photographer team MARC UND DAVID with a playful approach to spatial separation and our usual visual perception. The focus is on a FORD ST and male model Jack D. Mensah c/o BRODY BOOKINGS, who was clad in Balenciaga and Prada.

‘Brutus’ is an experimental body of work that turns the usual process of photography on its head and takes it to extremes. Our daily work is all about timing, and sometimes it’s a real challenge to bring all elements of an image together in the same place at the same time.

It all starts with finding the perfect location where everything is just right. The background, the color, the floor, and the orientation of the location so you have the desired light at least once a day. This usually already determines the setting. Now you require talent, a stylist for the talent, and in our case as transportation photographers, we needed a car. All together in the same spot at the same perfect time.

For ‘Brutus’, we turned the procedure upside down. We stripped the images we wanted to shoot down to their individual elements: background, floor, talent, styling and car. We photographed all of the elements right where they were positioned at the time they were available. So we photographed eleven backgrounds in eleven different locations in three different countries, Germany, the Netherlands and Portugal – at the perfect time for each location.

Then we photographed a car in Munich and the talent in Rotterdam with outfits that were put together remotely by a stylist in Berlin. We captured different floors we thought were interesting wherever we found them. We made sure to photograph all elements for one final image from the same perspective so they would perfectly fit together.

In the end, we had four different photos for each motif. To illustrate our approach properly and take it to extremes again, we decided to print all four photos and arrange them physically. To do so, we cut out the elements very roughly so you could still see their original backgrounds and montaged them on top of one another at a distance to symbolize their spacial separation. The result: Eleven exceptional images that challenge our usual visual perception.”

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HOTELREBEL produces a fashion film and campaign motifs with photographer Paul Bellaart for STATE OF ART Spring/Summer ‘22

Since 1987, men’s fashion label STATE OF ART has been fusing the best of every era to delight men who value true style. The art lies in identifying iconic looks which, updated and slightly modified, confidently convey the zeitgeist of today.

HOTELREBEL produced for the STATE OF ART Spring/Summer ‘22 collection for photographer Paul Bellaart and the agency DLVS CREATIVE.

STATE OF ART is : “A team of designers, entrepreneurs and explorers with a strong appreciation of life’s pleasures. Based in the east of the Netherlands, influenced by extensive travel. Yet still true to our roots as craftspeople from a down-to-earth region, far removed from the big city attitude.”

The label State of Art started in 1987 in the Netherlands, launched by the Westerman family, who were originally known for baby clothing since 1936. The first State of Art store was also opened in the Netherlands in 1994.

And what’s the story behind the obligatory Porsche? Albert Westerman Jr., who spearheaded the founding of State of Art in 1987, fell in love with the Porsche 356 1500 S convertible at the tender age of ten. This passion led to the creation of a collection of more than 40 classic Porsches – including a rare 550 Spyder and 718 RSK.

Meet Rotterdam-based production company HotelRebel at UPDATE-22-BERLIN – Save the date : 25 May, 2022.

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Location portfolio by HOTELREBEL – meet the Rotterdam-based production company at UPDATE-22-BERLIN, Save the Date : 25 May 2022

HotelRebel is a production company for film and photography with headquarters in Rotterdam : “We love productions, from automotive and fashion shoots to creating brand films & photographs. Our mission is to create meaningful and thrilling content.”

It starts with the brief and also includes, of course, offering you thrilling locations for your photo or film shoot. Gladly in the Netherlands – but naturally, far beyond.

Just how far? Ask them personally at their booth at UPDATE-22-BERLIN. They look forward to your visit.

GoSee : UPDATE.Salonhotelrebel.nl
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