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featured by les Artists by Josef Stockinger : ‘Moment & Magic’ promises the elaborately produced cover editorial by star photographer Esther Haase for ICON magazine – hair & make-up by Anja EL SAWAF c/o LES ARTISTS by Josef Stockinger

For the ICON magazine cover editorial, ESTHER HAASE and her team traveled to the intermediate world. Of course, with all its luxurious splendor : Limousine, airship and plenty of fashion on board. The glamorous beauty looks of the editorial were conjured with hair & make-up by Anja El SAWAF c/o LES ARTISTS by Josef Stockinger. In front of the camera stood Emily Liptow and Tim Reimann. 

“Get ready for take off ! Futuristic fairytale for Icon magazine, Welt am Sonntag. Drones, flying handbags, most beautiful looks, fabulous models, spooky and supersized hands, Zeppelins, glam limousines, magic dresses, and a world full of wonders. Thanks to Icon and my amazing team!” Esther Haase

The XXL spread was photographed on the property of Deutsche Museum’s Flugwerft Schleissheim in Munich. Flugwerft Schleißheim, which translates to aircraft hangar, is the first branch museum of Deutsche Museum and was established through efforts in the 1980s to protect historical buildings of the Schleißheim Airport from being demolished. The spread was styled by Silja Lange. We have the making-of film for you including the spread on GoSee.NEWS.

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featured by Esther Haase : Christmas 2020 as a PARTY FOR TWO – the 18-page ‘How To Party Without A Party’ editorial for ICON magazine, photographed by ESTHER HAASE at Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten in Hamburg

ESTHER HAASE presents us her fashion special HOW TO PARTY WITHOUT A PARTY here on GoSee for the turn of the year. A shoot à la Esther. The celebration took place, including photography, at Hamburg’s Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten and at Restaurant Nikkei Nine. In a convivial atmosphere – and, of course, in accordance with all hygiene regulations.

Front and center: the dream team Kim Riekenberg, Tim, Flora, Dennis Loebach, Max PAUL c/o ICONIC, Luca Jamal as well as Hamburg-based advertiser Nane Mundt, whom Esther has been wanting to stage for some time. Not to mention Baby Philippa – the photographer’s godchild was allowed to join the party (imaginary).

ICON, represented by Inga Griese, writes : “We have all become familiar with the home office, but a home party? If we can’t go to the celebrations, then they have to come to us… Getting all gussied up again, with the newest looks from the Fall/Winter collection is certainly something to see. And causing a bit of Christmas chaos at home alone or as a couple shouldn’t be that big of a problem. Cleaning up all by your lonesome the next day feels almost like in good old pre-pandemic times. Most importantly, we can keep in touch,” Esther would like to take the opportunity to wish you all Happy Holidays with your loved ones. Of course, adhering to the common rules of distancing and decorum.
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