David Haase #happylace

David Haase #happylace


#happyplace, a project in times of Corona lockdowns by the photographers of TOBIAS BOSCH FOTOMANAGEMENT In den letzten Wochen war vieles neu und anders. So auch die Plätze an denen wir arbeiten. Statt viel unterwegs zu sein, war viel Homeoffice. Wir alle suchten uns neue Orte zum Wohlfühlen. Tobias Bosch fragte seine Künstler nach ihren ganz persönlichen Orten, ihren #Happyplaces. Daraus entstand ganz spontan eine Serie von Motiven und Selbstportraits, ganz unterschiedlich, ganz persönlich.


TOBIAS BOSCH presents you the All Photographers Project : #happyplace on GoSee

Over the past couple of weeks, a lot of things have been new and different for all of us. Including where we work. Instead of being on the go as usual, we all had to get used to working at home. And we all looked for new comfort zones. Tobias Bosch asked his photographers about where they are personally happy – their #happyplaces.

The result was a spontaneous series of motifs and self-portraits – all as different as they are personal. Read all...

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