ZEITmagazin MANN - Daniel Brühl

ZEITmagazin MANN - Daniel Brühl

Artist Daniel Brühl
Client ZEIT Magazin
Grooming Mischka Hart
Photographer Tereza Mundilová

Internationally acclaimed actor Daniel Brühl in ZEITmagazine MANN – grooming by Mischka HART c/o BASICS.BERLIN

Mischka HART c/o BASICS.BERLIN is part of Team Daniel and is booked by his management regularly for the actor. This was also the case for ZEITmagazine MANN, the men’s magazine with the same quality standard of ZEIT : “The Fall/Winter 2020 issue of ZEITmagazine MANN is about the life of actor Daniel Brühl. In the issue, the actor speaks about his home country, dealing with criticism and the most important people in his life. He also grants...

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