Ford Mustang Mach-E // New Work - film stills

Ford Mustang Mach-E // New Work - film stills


Ford Mustang Mach-E product film, shot in the Netherlands (Amsterdam & Rotterdam) late August 2020. So many other people involved, thanks all local crew : Paco Kumar (Focus Puller), Tobias de Haan (2nd AC), Frank van Hekken & team (Sparks), Igor Teljukov & Ronnie Paul (Russian Arm), Vic Olsen, Phil Woodward, Chris Dinesen, Annemieke de Vries, Sandra de Boer, Lotte van de Laar, Wouter de Vries, Sofia & Soraya van Vliet, Juul van de Laar, Spek en Bonen Catering. Special thanks to Ford Motor Company : mr. James Powell and mr. Stefan Tinnemann

Director Martin Bennett
DOP Konstantin Freyer
Advertising Agency GTB / Ruth Oates & Eleanor Cooper
Producer Jan Ruinard Productions
Music Louis II - Ready To Go
Model Crystal Simon
Model Michael Beilicke
1st AD Jeremy Kincaid-Smith
Gaffer Mirko Fricke
PRODUCTION Hetzner Produktion

JAN RUINARD PRODUCTIONS : Electric cars can’t go far? The Ford Mustang Mach E proves the contrary in a cool commercial by Director Martin Bennett for GTB

Director Martin Bennett filmed a lively and thrilling feel-good film for FORD MUSTANG, which reflects the attitude and character of the brand-new, fully electric Mustang Mach-E. JAN RUINARD PRODUCTIONS supported the film shoot in the Netherlands (Amsterdam & Rotterdam) last summer. The agency was GTB with Ruth Oates & Eleanor Cooper.

So many others were part of it, thanks to all local crew : Paco Kumar (Focus Puller), Tobias de Haan (2nd AC),...

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