Grooming: Saskia Krause - Photo: Matthias Ziegler @Soothing Shade

Artist Benno Fürmann
Client ZEITmagazinMann
Styling Klaus Stockhausen
Grooming Saskia Krause c/o basics berlin
Photographer Matthias Ziegler

The battles in his life and an appetite for adventure – actor Benno Fürmann in the cover story for ZEIT Magazine – grooming by Saskia KRAUSE c/o BASICS.BERLIN

Popular German actor Benno Fürmann lost his mom when he was only seven, and his father at fifteen. He had a severe accident while subway surfing at the age of seventeen, because of which he had to spend six weeks in the hospital. He concluded his education with an intermediate certificate in secondary school while attending the boarding school Ernst-Kalkuhl-Gymnasium in Bonn. Afterwards, he took on odd jobs in construction, as a bouncer and...

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