Esquire Germany - Daniel Brühl

Esquire Germany - Daniel Brühl


Grooming: Mischka Hart Foto: Robert Rieger Kunde: Esquire Germany Talent: Daniel Brühl Fashion Styling: Kai Margrander Booking: Sunny Kröger Creative Direction: Daniel Pietsch Interview: Hatice Akyün Photo Director: Massu Nedjat

Artist Daniel Brühl
Client Esquire Germany
Creative Director Daniel Pietsch
Grooming Mischka Hart
Photographer Robert Rieger
Interview Hatice Akyün
Photo Director Massu Nedjat

‘What we all have to do now is remain optimistic’ - Robert Rieger photographs actor Daniel Brühl for ESQUIRE Germany - grooming by Mischka HART c/o BASICS BERLIN

Each month, ESQUIRE Germany invites exciting guests from all over the world and special personalities to engage in a conversation. Esquire Chief Editor Dominik Schütte interviews people who are thrilling, inspiring and entertaining – from the areas of film, music, sports or politics. “Good stories are easy to listen to, and good people are easy to remember!” goes the Esquire credo. #6 was star actor Daniel Brühl, who was photographed by...

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