BARBARA - "Mach ich morgen" - Setdesign Kathleen @basics

BARBARA - "Mach ich morgen" - Setdesign Kathleen @basics


Titel: BARBARA – „Mach ich morgen“ Setdesign: Kathleen Fotograf: Roman Goebel Kunde: BARBARA Magazin - G & J

Set Design Kathleen c/o basics berlin
Photographer Roman Goebel
Magazin Barbara Magazin

‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ – Roman Goebel photographs the cover for BARBARA magazine August/September 2021 with set styling by Kathleen c/o BASICS.BERLIN

“Friends of procrastination ⏳⌛️, right on time to kick off the weekend, a new issue of BARBARA is available on newsstands. Get their quickly and enjoy a wild ride!” BARBARA magazine says about the new issue. Do they really mean quickly, seriously? How is that supposed to work? Doesn’t haste make waste? Besides, we do everything laying down nowadays. Perhaps, we should do it tomorrow instead… ?

The cover was photographed without too much...

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