this creative fashion editorial was realised with a great teamwork from all involved artist and the expressive model Agnes Sokolowska underlined the strong and contemporary art to pose.

Client Faces Magazine
Styling Jeanna Krichel
Make-up Dielza Jahri
Hair & Make-up Suzana Santalab
Location Das Wallberg studio
Set Design Jeanna Krichel
Model Agnes Sokołowska
Photographer Sacha Tassilo Höchstetter

‘Special Occasion Location’ model Agnes Sokolowska in a production by SACHA TASSILO HÖCHSTETTER for FACES MAGAZINE

A suit is like the fist bump of a good friend or your mom reminding you to sit up straight. It makes us feel invincible, ready to rule the world and take our place at the top of the podium… That’s how FACES presents the spread ‘Special Occasion Location’ by Sacha Höchstetter. “This creative fashion editorial was realized thanks to great teamwork from all artists who were part of it, and expressive model Agnes Sokolowska flexed her skills when...

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