MAKING PICTURES: Sam Hofman for Rakes Sense

MAKING PICTURES: Sam Hofman for Rakes Sense


Rakes Sense magazine turned to Sam, and set designer Carrie Louise, to capture Bohoboco fragrances and their key ingredients.


Red Wine, Brown Sugar – photographer Sam HOFMAN c/o MAKING PICTURES captures the essence of BOHOBOCO Perfumes in his photos for RAKES SENSE magazine ... plus the launch of a North American office, a new website plus a job offer on GoSee.NEWS

BOHOBOCO Perfumes are niche unisex fragrances developed by founder and CD Michal Gilbert Lach. He has always been fascinated by fragrances, and all his childhood and youth memories were accompanied by olfactory memories accordingly. The spontaneous success of his first perfume, launched in 2012, laid the foundation for his career in the world of perfume. Inspired by contrasting ingredients that act on emotions and sensations, he invites you...

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