GOSEEAWARDS 2022 featuring RANKIN, Head of Jury

GOSEEAWARDS 2022 featuring RANKIN, Head of Jury

Photographer RANKIN
Title The Joy, HungerTV, 2022 (shot on Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G)

From the Queen’s hair to the meaning of life, and in between : Head of the Jury real quick at the GOSEE BEAUTY AWARDS ‘22 – we present you star photographer RANKIN in an exclusive short interview and give you a glimpse of his repertoire just bursting with beauty

The GoSeeAWARDS are delighted to have RANKIN on board as the Head of the Jury. Rankin has been a part of the GoSee Family for quite some time, and he has always had the same strong capacity for enthusiasm and has been just as open for new things as the day we first met him. He is personally known for his natural and uninhibited photographic vision, for his precise analysis and his innovative ways of getting the job done – whether for a...

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