Portrait of the band LaBrassBanda by Frederik Jurk for their book published by Polyglott

Illustration Frederik Jurk c/o Sepia

‘LaBrassBanda. Around the world barefoot and in lederhosen’ – the book about iconic band LaBrassBanda at Polyglott, with illustrations by Frederik JURK c/o SEPIA

Frederik JURK c/o SEPIA portrayed iconic band LaBrassBanda. Their music: unbridled joie de vivre that unites people all over the world. The illustrations for the brass musicians appeared at the beginning of April in their book LaBrassBanda. ‘Around the world barefoot and in lederhosen.’ published by Polyglott, a brand belonging to Gräfe und Unzer. Together with his band, frontman Stefan Dettl tells the most beautiful and bizarre stories from...

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