Two worlds meet in vibrant and contrasting Cape Town: the avant-garde fashion of Rick Owens and the dynamic BMW M4 sports car. Under the glowing South African sun, an impressive series of images is created that impressively showcases the symbiosis of fashion and design. The powerful lines and striking design of the M4 harmonise with the dark, sculptural creations of Rick Owens in the bright sunlight. Smooth, shiny metal meets the unconventional, rough materials of fashion. The harsh light is intrinsic to the narrative as it intensifies shadows and highlights, making metallic surfaces appear even more brilliant and adding depth and texture. Together they create a visual narrative that captures both the essence of dynamism and power in modern automotive design and avant-garde fashion culture in deeper, more artificial dimensions. The images from the series are not only a tribute to two icons of their respective worlds, but also an expression of what happens when fashion meets speed, when avant-garde meets performance. They inspire and fascinate in the same way and show that outstanding design has no limits.

Production LittleBig Production Cape Town
Producer Daniel Siegler
Post Production Felix Schöppner
Styling Ulrica Knutsdotter c/o One League
Model Mitchell Akat c/o 3D Model Agency
Photographer Marc Trautmann
STYLING Chrisna de Bruyn
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