KAI-UWE GUNDLACH for highlevelzero.com

KAI-UWE GUNDLACH for highlevelzero.com


highlevelzero.com is much more than a blog for alcohol-free menu accompaniment, drinks and culinary delights. The "Highlevel Zero Dining Club" is a printed publication that combines aspects of a sober lifestyle with topics from fashion, sport, design, art and culture. This serie is called "A clear stance" and it is a story about "Dry Yoga" infront of cool bars worldwide. All the backgrounds are nice bars that offers non alcolic drinks as well.

Art Director Thomas Elmenhorst
Copywriter Judith Stoletzky
Post Production Studio Gundlach
Styling Davor Jelusic c/o Liganord
Hair & Make-up Helena Narra c/o Liganord
Photographer Kai-Uwe Gundlach
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