The Book of Common Sense by PHILIPP RATHMER

The Book of Common Sense by PHILIPP RATHMER

Client personal project
Production Episode Media Prod. / Mona
Editing Niko Brinkmann
Sound Design Hello Robin / Michael Krüger
Styling Lori Mybergh
Hair & Make-up Teri Tomsett
Location Clarke´s Book Shop Cape Town
Model Anouk / Kultmodels Capetown
Model Camryn Göhre / Kultmodels Capetown
Model Chloe Hirschmann/ Kultmodels Capetown
Model Matthew Burgess/ Kultmodels Capetown
Casting Philipp Rathmer
Photographer Philipp Rathmer c/o Upfront Photo & Film GmbH
Model 5 + 6 Theo Ward + Tian Brennicke / Kultmodels Capetown
Editorial Design
Colorist Bernie Greiner

PHILIPP RATHMER presents his project ‘The Book of Common Sense’ - a visual ode to respect and community

In his project ’The Book of Common Sense’, which he presents us here on GoSee, well-known photographer and director PHILIPP RATHMER explores the topics of ‘Respect’ and ‘Community’.

Philipp : “Common sense is a valuable asset in many aspects of life, and especially when it comes to matters of love, respect, social life, sharing, and wisdom. Love is one of the most powerful emotions, and a common sense approach to love can help us build strong...

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