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ISABEL SCHARENBERG CREATIVE MANAGEMENT : HUE 2020 campaign, VICTORIA’S SECRET, Apple workshop & personal work ... Latest news from illustrator Lily Qian for you on GoSee

Sleepwear, denim, leggings ... The backgrounds for the latest HUE 2020 campaign come from New York-based illustrator Lily QIAN c/o ISABEL SCHARENBERG CREATIVE MANAGEMENT. HUE on HUE: “In 1978, HUE was launched when two New York City artists dyed Chinese slippers in FABULOUS colors and the fashion world went WILD! From there, FASHION-FORWARD legwear was a natural evolution.

Today, HUE designs and markets the most fashionable legwear, leggings and sleepwear around the world! HUE has been the freshest, most innovative – and colorful! – force in fashion legwear for more than three decades. From always up-to-the-minute leggings to fashion sheers and socks, HUE brings a light-hearted approach to fashion that makes it easy to effortlessly express personal style.”

Plus, we present you Lily Qian’s work for VICTORIA’S SECRET on GoSee, insight into her Apple workshop and personal beauty work, created in cooperation with Armin ZOGBAUM, also c/o ISCM aka ISABEL SCHARENBERG CREATIVE MANAGEMENT.
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Louis Vuitton, Covergirl, Dior, L’Objet, Salvatore Ferragamo, ... – new works by illustrator Lily QIAN c/o ISABEL SCHARENBERG CREATIVE MANAGEMENT, New York, for you on GoSee

Celebrating Salvatore Ferragamo’s new Viva flat collection #vivaviva, fashion/portraits for @ubs x @ferragamo flagship, fashion illustrations @falconeriofficial Soho, Louis Vuitton fine jewelry, ... the list of beautiful assignments chalked up by New York-based illustrator Lily QIAN c/o ISABEL SCHARENBERG CREATIVE MANAGEMENT is long. 

ISABEL SCHARENBERG: “We hope everyone is staying safe & healthy. Since we cannot bring our lives to a complete stop or put our industry on hold, we’d like to help to keep things moving. For this reason, please find a latest update on our talented NY-based illustrator Lily Qian here on GoSee.”

And Lily would like to add: “Hang in there New York. We’re tough, smart, and we’ll get through this!”
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featured by Andreas Ortner : Andreas Ortner : photographed with models Camilla Christensen and Lydia Graham for the FREE PEOPLE HOLIDAY campaign in the Swiss mountains

ANDREAS ORTNER photographed the new FREE PEOPLE HOLIDAY campaign in the mountains near St. Moritz. Delighted about the beautiful surroundings, the good weather and great production, models Camilla Christensen and Lydia Graham posed for the camera. Andreas tells GoSee: “Camilla and Lydia were the perfect fit with their free spirit and positive attitude.” 

Art Director: Zoe Ellis, Creative Director: Doub Hanshaw, Production Director: Emily Bonner, Stylist: Amanda Greyson, Hair & Make-up: George Tsiogkas, Executive Producer: Chrissy Skory. Booking: GoSee member ISABEL SCHARFENBERG. GoSee : freepeople.com
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