Armin Zogbaum c/o Isabel Scharenberg Creative Management

Additional Info // about Armin Zogbaum

Armin Zogbaum is a perfectionist and a full-blooded photographer. His photos are filled with uncompromising luxury, extremely high-end and artistically precious. Everyone is caught by his strong imagery and unusual compositions.
His stills are a delight for the eyes: chocolate can almost be tasted, flowers smell bewitching and the jewels sparkle mystically. Models, both person and beast, are skillfully set without exaggeration made to act. 
Zogbaum is known for his implementation of creative ideas. Clients worldwide rely on exactly this potential and work with him regularly on their campaigns, such as  "Nespresso", "Davidoff", "Villeroy & Boch", "Lindt", just to name a few. Supermodels like Franziska Knuppe, Dree Hemingway and celebrity chef Johann Lafer have posed for him -- as well as Sina, the lady chimpanzee and Hugo, the swan.
Armin Zogbaum is a entrepreneurial photographer: After a carreer as a haute-cuisine chef for the food publishing industry he focused on food styling for professional photography. At the peak of his second career as a stylist he decided to take over the camera himself. He applies his rich experiences to every photograph he creates. 
His vast experience contributes to his ongoing success. In 2011, his handbag story "Monkey Around," an editorial series on the subject, was awarded with the internationally renowned Swiss photographic prize and shown at the Gallery of Modern Art in Munich. 
Zogbaum is the silent observer, a perfectionist, and always thinking of the smallest details of his compositions - all before the shutter of his camera is ever pressed. His photographs are art pieces each on its own.