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featured by JANA EDISONGA : RADIANT – personal work by photographer JANA EDISONGA

When a meteorite enters the Earth’s atmosphere and burns up due to friction from the air, it causes a streak of light, which is generally referred to as a meteor or falling star. When several meteors in a meteor shower seem to come from one spot in the sky, this spot is called the radiant point, or simply the radiant, in astronomy.

“It’s basically about the energy and dynamics of light. The glittering styles of the models are reminiscent of the Space Age looks of the 60s. Science fiction meets disco style !” JANA EDISONGA, photographer and director, lets us know.

Casting was contributed by Tamara Sarischwili, and the models came from IZAIO and VIVA Models. Hair & makeup by Astrid Scheppan.

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