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featured by Anke Luckmann : Hippie Caviar Motel by Renault – ANKE LUCKMANN photographs the 'Electric Hippie' with testimonial and speedflyer Ugo Gerola

The Renault Hippie Caviar Hotel and the Renault Hippie Caviar Motel are two concept campervans based on the Trafic III and Kangoo III which Renault presented at two German auto shows in 2021 and 2022. Because it’s only logical: Good design and a hippie lifestyle aren’t mutually exclusive – the days when rusty camper vans were turned into motorhomes on DIY store parking lots are gone for the most part.

Which is why Renault designed a special kind of show car in which cutting-edge design and practicality complement one another while boosting the fun factor. Unfortunately, the Hippie Caviar Motel is only a design study up until now, albeit with an electric drive: 100% electric, 100% high-tech and 100% built for adventure.

With adventure sports adrenaline junkie Ugo Gerola as testimonial, the miraculously spacious vehicle was staged by ANKE LUCKMANN in the Pyrenees during a film shoot.

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Client: Renault
Agency: Publicis
Art Director: Steaven David
Production Company: Garage Films
Testimonial: Ugo Gerola
Hair/Makeup: Lorena Carmona
Styling: Peggy Favro
Post production: Jenny Cremer

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featured by MP CURTET : Genesis – Electrified. Iconic. – Creative duo MP CURTET stage the GENESIS Electrified G80 for Innocean USA

Ingenuity in every inch. – The GENESIS brand continues to reinvent itself and relentlessly take the evolution of electric cars to the next level with each model. With the GENESIS Electrified G80, they have crafted an ideal blend of aerodynamic efficiency and sumptuous luxury – for which they were more than happy to call upon MP CURTET to stage this dream automobile with masterful skill.

“Featuring a Premium Navigation System with a 14.5” HD Screen, Wireless Device Charging, and Remote Smart Parking Assist, the Electrified G80 delivers a multifaceted driving experience beyond your expectations. Designed around real needs and wants, respecting how you actually live.” GENESIS.

Every inch of the sleek, sophisticated design of the GENESIS Electrified G80 exudes modern elegance. The agency Innocean USA has once again realized the campaign in close cooperation with French photographer and director duo MP CURTET in their signature visual language that, as always, checks all the boxes.

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Photographers and Directors: MP Curtet
Post Production: Jenny Cremer
Agency: Innocean USA
Group Creative Director: Cary Ruby
Creative Director: David Mesfin
Director, Art & Print Production: Barb Sanson
Brand Director: Marco Koenig

MP Curtet are represented by:
USA: B&A Kathryn Tyrrel O’Connor
Europe: Christian Severin
France: Cream Paris William Blanc

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featured by Anke Luckmann : ANKE LUCKMANN photographs the CUPRA FORMENTOR ‘Game Changer’ with entrepreneur Martin Bressem for RAMP in Cologne

CUPRA made a name for itself as an innovative brand quite some time ago. Which is why it was only natural to get an innovative mastermind the likes of Martin Bressem on board, who has likewise made a name for himself with novel marketing concepts and his brand _blaenk. For RAMP MAGAZINE, Anke LUCKMANN photographed the CUPRA FORMENTOR and the entrepreneur at Cologne’s Rheinauhafen waterfront as well as other locations throughout the city. Post production also took place in Cologne and was fine-tuned by the keen eye Jenny Cremer.
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