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Realtime Senior Artist - Unreal

COMPANY // Sauvage TV

LOCATION // Barcelona, Spanien

The Realtime senior artist is responsible for the management, development, and growth of the Realtime Department across the postproduction division at SAUVAGE.TV.

They are indirectly responsible for the technical leadership and delivery of every project within the Department to budget, scope, schedule, and creative expectations. They are responsible for ensuring appropriate staffing and resourcing at a project level.

Additionally, the Realtime senior artist will promote technical and creative innovation while working with RnD to develop the overall Department and Studio pipeline. They will also be the first point of contact for all line management needs within the department.

Finally, they will be working very closely with the Head of CG, helping to ensure the Studio goals are being planned for at a Department level. They will also where necessary support the CG Supervisor in delivering on studio-wide initiatives in pipeline and work practice within the Department. The Realtime senior artist falls under the line management of the CG Supervisor. In this case, it is kind of a "solo" job, as it is a department only staffed by this position, and sometimes enbiggered with freelancers.

You will:

Supervise the effective delivery of all Department’s output to a high creative standard and expected technical execution
Assist with project bidding alongside EP and project CG Supervisor, ensuring all departmental bidding methodology is being followed
Monitor creative outcomes and technical solutions for efficiency and standardization across the Department
Continual evaluation of CG tools, workflows and the production environment, highlighting areas for improvement and gains within the Department
Expertise with shader design and optimization in Unreal Engine
A foundation in asset development or environment art using Unreal EngineExperience with Blueprints and Materials in Unreal Engine
Experience in setting up a production process (including sculpting, UV-unwrapping, LOD creation, etc.) in Unreal Engine
Experience with 3D pipelines in Unreal Engine
Optimize and reduce scene complexity
Analyze content using profiling tools
Ability to adjust project graphics setting
Experience with VR and/or VR projects


Great communication skills and ability to work constructively with other departments to solve production and technical challenges
Thorough knowledge of Unreal Engine
In-depth knowledge of technical workflows required for realtime technologies
Experience in delivering in-engine cinematic content to client defined performance budgets
Knowledge of using Realtime Technology for delivering Rendered from engine animated context.

An effective Head of Realtime will be

Compassionate and supportive, with the desire to coach others toward their potential.
Clear, decisive and calm under pressure.
Creatively astute.
Thinking ahead, not just reacting to the events of the day.
Able to distinguish ‘urgent’ from ‘important’.
Constantly seeking personal and professional improvement