Kim Sielbeck c/o JSR Agency

Additional Info // about Kim Sielbeck

Kim is an illustrator, painter, and surface designer. She was born in Alaska, and moved all around the U.S. in a Coast Guard family. Kim was greatly influenced by her few years living in Hawaii as a child, and recently moved back after eleven years in New York City.
When not creating colorful, fun art, Kim is traveling to new places far and wide, playing surf guitar in her band Puppies, reading, hiking all the trails in Hawaii, or trying to figure out how to get on a sailboat. She really misses the pizza of New York City, but can't really complain because... Hawaii.

2018: TANLINES, solo show, Polu Gallery, Haleiwa HI,
2017: ALOHA HAWAII, solo show, Mori Art + Flea, Honolulu, HI
2017: SALUT! group show, Nucleus Portland, Portland, OR
2016: INSIDE / OUTSIDE, group show, Flower Pepper Gallery, Pasadena, CA
2016. SUMMER FOREVER, solo show, Desert Island, NYC
2015: NEW VISIONS, group show, Society of Illustrators, NYC
2015: HEADSHOP, group show, Secret Project Robot, NYC
2014: PINNED, group show, SHAG, Brooklyn
2014: PERMANENT SUMMER, group show, Civilian Art Projects, DC
2014: SOI 55 SHOW, group show, Society of Illustrators, NYC
2014: AMERICAN ILLUSTRATION SHOW, group show, Masonic Lodge, NYC
2013: BIRDSHIT, group performance, Moma PS1, Queens NYC
2013: SOI 55 SHOW, group show, Society of Illustrators, NYC
2013: CREEPS, group show, Ed Varie, NYC