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news featured by Pierceandpierceproductions PIERCE & PIERCE PRODUCTIONS in charge of creative production for MYTHERESA F/W ‘21 and S/S 2022, Art Producer Juul on the jury of the GoSeeAWARDS … and personally attending  UPDATE-22-BERLIN

We are delighted that Art Producer Juul Anne Emanuelle van Alphen, based in Amsterdam and Paris, is once again supporting the GoSeeAWARDS. Meet her in person at UPDATE-22-BERLIN. Here on GoSee, she presents us two productions which she realized together with Paris-based fashion photographer Carlijn Jacobs and the creative team from MYTHERESA.

PIERCE & PIERCE is a global creative production company. Understanding the vision of our clients, always with a focus on brands and their audiences, is a key foundation of every project. Working effectively with attention to detail guarantees a seamless process throughout. Our clients include fashion, beauty and luxury brands, commercial and creative agencies, magazines and image makers both in still and motion. Our full services cover all areas of production, including budget management, art buying, casting, location sourcing, travel and logistics.

With many years in the fashion industry under our belt, we stand out in understanding the needs...

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