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You already have a GoSeeACCOUNT – so what are you waiting for? Our uber-renowned jurors are eager to see your BEAUTIFUL artwork. All you have to do is log in to GoSee and upload your PROJECT – with text and bio too.

The GoSeeAWARDS offer what has to be the most thrilling VIEWING in the industry – and it’s absolutely free. Just to drop a few names : There’s Jung von Matt, Kolle Rebbe, Whale Amsterdam, North Six, BMW, antoni, Zalando, Otto, … and if that’s not enough for you : Head of Jury 2022 – Rankin himself – can hardly wait for this exciting VIEWING to happen.

The winners will be announced at UPDATE-22-BERLIN. If you make it onto the shortlist, we’ll be sure to notify you ahead of time. To make it even more worth your while, we can tell you this much : We’ve already got viewing dates lined up at UPDATE, of course, for the 20 finalists … plus we’re working on several private Zoom meetings for our TOP20 with our jury members.

We’re dying to see your artwork ourselves and wish you lots of luck! #BeautyInEverything #GoSeeAWARDS #RegisterNow

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featured by Wagner Productions : BMW VISION M NEXT – produced by photographer Agnieszka Doroszewicz c/o SEVERIN WENDELER, and WAGNER PRODUCTIONS wins big time at the GoSeeAWARDS as best Transportation & CGI spread of the year in two categories

Photographer Agnieszka Doroszewicz c/o SEVERIN WENDELER and WAGNER PRODUCTIONS traveled all the way up to the highlands of the Andes where they created landscape photos to use for the presentation of the BMW Vision M Next. European architecture complemented the spread, and created together with the studio motifs was the highly notable photo series (CGI: Oliver Kossatz c/o PX2).

The opulent work thrilled the jurors at the GoSeeAWARDS 2019 and won big time, taking home first place in the categories TRANSPORTATION and CGI. The transportation spread of the year was made possible by Creative Mastermind Julia Obermeier from the BMW Group.

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