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featured by Studio Ignatov : Actor Sergej Onopko, known from the successful NETFLIX series ‘Barbarians’, portrayed by STUDIO IGNATOV

Sergej Onopko, a German actor of Ukrainian heritage, is among the most aspiring actors in the country. At an early age, Sergej already appeared in supporting roles in classic international films, including ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ and has celebrated international successes in roles at the side of Jennifer Lawrence in ‘Red Sparrow’ or now in the series ‘Barbarians’ on Netflix. Studio Ignatov presents the actor, born in the former Soviet Union, in an exclusive portrait spread.

‘Barbarians’ deals with the topic of conflicts between several German tribes and the Roman Empire, the occupying power of the time. It culminates in the historical defeat of three Roman legions in the famous Battle of the Teutoburg Forest in 9 AD. GoSee the official trailer :
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