Mark Seelen c/o Katrin Nehlsen

Additional Info // about Mark Seelen

Mark Seelen started as a freelance photographer in NYC in 1994. He keeps traveling the world working for international clients such as Panasonic, Duravit, Soho House, ClassiCon and others. He also works for well renowned magazines like Architectural Digest, Elle Decoration and GG Magazine. His photographs explore environments, rooms and people without compromising the owner but telling authentic stories in his special calm and beautiful manner.

Frequently answered questions.:

I was…
…born on one of the islands in Denmark to Dutch parents in 1968.

I am speaking German without accent…
… because I made first friends in a sandbox between Cologne and Düsseldorf, Germany.

To be Dutch means…
…growing up with the Dutch saying: „Doe maar gewoon, dan ben je al gek genoeg"  - „Just be normal that is already crazy enough.“
But I always aim to give it my own, slightly crazy, spin.

My favourite citys are…
…Amsterdam because of the really good coffee they make there. New York because that's where I met my wife. Hamburg–my base camp for now.

Photographers that inspire me are…
…Jacques-Henri Lartique, David LaChapelle and Anton Corbijn.

The biggest achievement so far was…
…my 150 mile, 10 hour, bike ride from Manhattan Grand Central Station to Montauk Lighthouse with my pal Michael on my „DeRosa" road bike. This was only toped by the birth of our children Max and Marie.

I dream of…
…owning a sailboat to travel the world with my family and friends.

People also wanted to know
…my son Max, almost 17 and my daughter Marie, 15.
…in a beautiful 1969 build bungalow in suburbia Hamburg.
…snap twice, when you take a picture.