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news featured by GoSee ART GoSee Book Tip : Michael Joseph 'Lost & Found' - the story of American wanderlust, told through portraits of travelers, appearing at Kehrer Publishing

Lost & Found’ documents a contemporary American subculture of young travelers through raw, striking portraiture and intimate storytelling. These travelers, as they are referred to, abandon home to move around the country by hitchhiking and freight train hopping in a nomadic, transient existence outside of mainstream society. On their personal journey, driven by wanderlust, escapism, or a search for transient jobs, they find a new family in their traveling friends. The high of freedom, however, does not come without consequence.

Like graffiti on the walls of the city streets they inhabit and the trains they ride, their bodies and faces become the visual storybook of their lives. Their clothing is often a mismatch of found items. Jackets, pants and vests are self-made like a patchwork quilt, using fabric pieces of a fellow traveler’s clothing embellished by metal bottle caps, buttons, safety pins, lighter parts, syringe caps, and patches.

Joseph’s black and white portraits are made in...

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