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news NEW entry at KELLY KELLERHOFF represents! : A warm welcome to Fabian Hellgardt, stills & motion, Hamburg; we have a first portfolio for you on GoSee.NEWS

This fall, Berlin-based agency KELLY KELLERHOFF represents! has added a new entry to the roster : a warm welcome to Fabian Hellgard. The still life expert has always been a nerd – often sitting in an ocean of Lego blocks as a small boy. And whenever the Legos ran out, he began realizing his ideas, experimenting with other tools and techniques.

His works go to show that interesting results are possible when different technical areas are creatively combined. This interdisciplinary approach throughout his creative process enables him decide upon an idea and then choose the best techniques to achieve the envisioned result. To do so, Fabian offers the entire breadth and depth of services from a single source.

Besides the purely photographic realization and the use of cinematic elements, he also relies on CGI during the post-production process. Fabian lives and works in Hamburg.

GoSee : kellykellerhoff.de//fabian-hellgardt

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