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news featured by MP CURTET ‘Great to Drive Isn’t Enough’ – we present you the MAZDA CX-90 campaign by MP CURTET in stills & motion

The all-new MAZDA CX-90, staged in stills and motion for the latest campaign by LA-based French creative duo MP Curtet, is as luxurious as it is powerful. Its sleek design, elegance and unparalleled driving dynamics speak for themselves – and are precisely why it’s a cut above the rest.

Creative duo MP CURTET bring their own elegant signature to the visuals – to perfectly underscore the image of the vehicle. Cooperating closely with the Mazda brand now for six years, the two creatives continue to constantly push the envelope – and support the brand on a mission to advance its evolution.

With remarkable performance metrics, the MAZDA CX-90 features sharp road handling and turbocharged acceleration. On city streets or the highway, strap in for an exhilarating ride par excellence while enjoying the luxury and comfort of first-in-class tech paired with finest quality materials in the interior.

“Thank you all at Mazda North American Operations - Chris Hill - Cora Tan (MBA) - Mario Gallardo...

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