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L.A. CREATIVE TEAM - Your One-Stop Shop for Stunning Creative Content

We are delighted to welcome NEW GoSee entry L.A. CREATIVE TEAM, the boutique creative studio from Los Angeles, California – a one-stop shop to fulfill all your creative needs, with services spanning everything from art direction to photo & film production, or even post-production.

Marked by unparalleled skills in art direction and concept creation – tried, tested and highly acclaimed – L.A. Creative Team cooperates closely with clients to create stunning content that showcases brands and captivates audiences. Not to mention, in particular, the perfection of both the final product and soundtrack, as if cast from the same brilliant mould – for a result 100% on point each and every time. 

L.A. CREATIVE TEAM is, of course, just as passionate when it comes to bringing your digital content to life – with imaginative animations, cinemagraphs, parallax animations and many more amazing effects.

“L.A. Creative Team collaborates with the best creatives in the industry and has the expertise to accompany you on your creative journey and ensure that your campaign will be a cut above the rest.” Marlyne Curtet, Founder & CEO of L.A. CREATIVE TEAM.

To kick things off, we present you their impressive showreel here on GoSee.News. Enjoy!

GoSee : lacreativeteam.com
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featured by MP CURTET : The dawn of a new era : Introducing ARCHER Midnight by MP CURTET

GoSee presents you the impressive artwork by MP CURTET for ARCHER AVIATION : Introducing MIDNIGHT – the electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft. Science fiction has become reality : For centuries, people have dreamt of private aircraft – and thanks to ARCHER, the dream has now come true.

“Introducing Midnight – Urban mobility is about to be taken to a whole new dimension. Designed to be capable of flying distances of up to 100 miles, but optimized to conduct back-to-back flights of ~ 20 miles with ~ 12 minutes of charge time in between, at a cost that we believe will be competitive with ground-based ride sharing. Midnight aims to redefine what air travel can be: low cost, low noise, with the safety of commercial airlines.” ARCHER.

The Archer team led by Chief Engineer Geoff Bower and Founder & CEO Adam Goldstein are now developing not one but several models of all-electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft (eVTOL) with the goal of improving mobility in our cities.

“We were proud and excited to jump on this project and work with such visionary people. This adventure is symbolic of our time, when technology elevates the human experience and opens new frontiers.” MP CURTET.

MP Curtet were commissioned by ARCHER to develop the complete visual set for the launch of the new Midnight brand. Their tip : “Enjoy the flight and follow the story because there’s so much more to come… straight to your doorstep. Sit back, relax, and fly.”

GoSee : lacreativeteam.com 

Client: ARCHER Aviation
Directors/Photographers: MP Curtet
DOP: Tim Curtet
Art Direction / Production / Editing & Post Production: www.Lacreativeteam.com
Marlyne Curtet, Axel Bonnot, Virginie Drouot
Post Production & Color Grading: FIXIP - www.Fixip.today
Stylist: Natalie & Giolosa Fuller - www.Sisterstyling.com
Makeup Artist: Marta Camer
Models: Victoria Frost - The Industry LA
Adam Lundberg - No Ties Management

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featured by MP CURTET : Free your mind. – A cocktail of film, CGI and AI by MP CURTET and L.A. Creative Team

The creative industry is constantly evolving. The advent of AI has caused a seismic shift that will impact all aspects of the creative process. Perhaps you or your job will not be replaced by AI, but you will be replaced by someone who understands AI – and knows how to use it accordingly. Which makes it so essential to continuously learn, start thinking ahead today, and adapt just in time.

“This series embodies the progression of technology over the past 25 years. The backplates were captured using a medium format camera and Fuji film, then scanned. With the help of Raven, who creates CGI models for NFTs and the metaverse, we received some beautiful digital data for the car. The most surprising thing was humanizing this project as we used AI to create the characters. Despite predictions of an apocalypse for the creative industry, we are still here and must adapt, think creatively, collaborate, and think even more.” MP CURTET.

Patrick Curtet’s special thanks here go to : “Raven for their contributions to the CGI, to Feeling Visuel for their post-processing work on the still images, and to L.A. Creative Team for their support, art direction and stunning graphics and animations.”

Raven is a start-up project founded by four experts from different backgrounds. Two professional automotive designers with more than ten years of experience working for some of the most exclusive automobile brands. A qualified economist and businessman who knows a thing or two about crypto assets, plus a marketing specialist : “Our goal is to propose innovative NFT concept cars distinguished by devotion to high-quality design, with a strong commitment to realism and professionalism.”

GoSee : mpcurtet.com

RAVEN: @ravencarsworld - www.ravencars.io - Matteo GENTILE @mattegentile
Photo: MP CURTET @mpcurtet - www.mpcurtet.com
Art Director & Graphic Design Studio: @lacreativeteam - www.lacreativeteam.com Axel & Marlyne
CGI & Post Production: @feeling_visuel - www.feelingvisuel.com - Denis & Florent
Producer: @feeling_visuel: @charleastwest

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