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#TheAgeIFeel – Betina DU TOIT c/o LGA MANAGEMENT directs the SHISEIDO Ginza Tokyo beauty spot – and meet LGA MGMT in XXL at UPDATE-23-BERLIN

For 150 years, SHISEIDO has stood for intensive research, a holistic approach and the combination of tradition and modern science when it comes to beautiful skin and well-being. Shiseido Ginza Tokyo, founded in 1872, stands for premium Japanese cosmetics of the highest quality. From its 29,000 employees worldwide, 1,000 alone work in the area of research for the Japanese cosmetics company.

Live the age you feel … – We present you #THEAGEIFEEL spot filmed by director Betina DU TOIT c/o LGA MANAGEMENT for SHISEIDO. It was launched in March, an entire month dedicated to women. The spot presents three women of different ages and ethnic backgrounds who demonstrate that beauty does not have an expiration date. #TheAgeIFeel is aimed at challenging our obsession with perfection and helping women to appreciate their beauty which changes with every new day. The digital campaign was planned by Dentsu.

The success story of the globally active beauty corporation actually began as a pharmacy in the popular Ginza district, which also explains the name Shiseido Ginza Tokyo. In 1872, Arinobu Fukuhara – renowned Chief Pharmacist of the Japanese Imperial Navy – opened Japan’s first private Western-style pharmacy.

And meet LGA MANAGEMENT who will once again be joining us as an exhibitor at UPDATE-23-BERLIN. Save the date : 25 MAY 23, at the drop-dead gorgeous Hotel Telegraphenamt in Berlin’s Mitte district. Olivier Jézéquel and the team can hardly wait to see you and will gladly answer your every question at their booth.

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'With Open Eyes' – ARTE and Gillian LAUB c/o LGA MANAGEMENT analyze the iconic photo of the family of American basketball player LeBron Raymone James Sr., photographed for VANITY FAIR US – and meet LGA MGMT at UPDATE-23-BERLIN

The ARTE headline : “A photo of a family dinner – sounds like not such a big thing? Well, I guess that depends on the family! LeBron James, American Basketball superstar, billionaire and the voice of the Black Lives Matter movement, opened the doors to his estate in Los Angeles for a photographer.

When US magazine Vanity Fair presented a photo of the James family at dinner on 13 September, 2022, Twitter and other media channels were buzzing with excitement. The story about an athlete from a humble background who rose to become the king of basketball coins the old cliché of the American Dream and celebrates African-American pop culture.”

Together with photographer Gillian LAUB c/o LGA MANAGEMENT and the specialist for American civilization, Pierre Cras, ‘With Open Eyes’ analyzed the photo – and you can open the corresponding article using the link below.

ARTE is a public TV broadcaster headquartered in Straßburg, France. It is operated as part of a French-German cooperation by the two members Arte Germany in Baden-Baden and Arte France in Issy-les-Moulineaux near Paris.

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John BALSOM c/o LGA MANAGEMENT photographs Ismael Cruz Cordova for MAN ABOUT TOWN … and meet LGA MGMT once again at their XXL booth at UPDATE-23-BERLIN

Puerto Rican actor Ismael Cruz Cordova, born in 1987, moved to New York City in 2006 where he studied acting at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. He became known among a broader and younger audience as Armando on Sesame Street. He was most recently cast as the elf Arondir in one of the lead roles for the series ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power’, conceived by streaming service Amazon Prime.

John BALSOM c/o LGA MANAGEMENT photographed actor Ismael Cruz Cordova for the magazine MAN ABOUT TOWN. 

And meet LGA MANAGEMENT at UPDATE-23-BERLIN on 25 May, 2023. LGA MGMT is among the worldwide leading artist management agencies and represents its artists – including Annie Leibovitz, Steve McCurry, Paolo Pellegrin, or Ellen von Unwerth… to name a few – from its offices in London, Paris and New York.

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