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Blog: LS Productions lead the local production for Ed Sheeran’s new visual album ‘Subtract’.

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Directed by Mia Barnes and produced by Roisín Audrey Moloney for Freenjoy Los Angeles, LS Productions handled all local production for the UK-based shoot for Ed Sheeran’s brand new visual album ‘Subtract’. The album features 14 tracks, each accompanied by a music video, shot back to back at a number of locations across his home county of Suffolk, UK. The album is his most personal to date and is a reflection on grief and the journey to healing.

Working closely with Freenjoy, a Grammy award winning, US production company, LS Productions expert location and production teams played a central role to bring the visual concept and themes of 'Subtract' to life. Nathan Scherrer and the team at Freenjoy are globally regarded for their work with the world’s top music talent and have worked with LS Productions previously on the Grammy-nominated music video Harry Styles - Adore You.

LS used their local expertise in the South of England to help source the perfect backdrop for each music video. The creative sees Sheeran in multiple locations from rugged coastlines and striking beach landscapes, to a school playground and a local pub, all selected to bring to life the narrative of grief and reflection running throughout the album.

The LS team also co-ordinated a series of technical stunts, featuring Sheeran suspended from a rope ladder, a car crash and car submerged underwater, and the creation of a custom giant blue monster. 

Watch Ed Sheeran’s full visual album ‘Subtract’ here.
MOVIE // Ed Sheeran - Boat


Director: Mia Barnes
DOP: Natasha Braier
Production: FREENJOY
Producer: Roisin Audrey Moloney
Editing: Chiao Chen
Post Production: Colour by Ethos Studio and Colourist Dante Pasquinelli
Visual Effects: Mathematic
Sound Design: Christian Stropko
Celebrity: Ed Sheeran
Location: UK
LINE PRODUCER: Marii Stoltsen, Sarah Asmail (Production Designer)

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