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‘The best new work deserves the best new look’ – LUERZER’S ARCHIVE with a brand new look after relaunching plus a new print issue at UPDATE BERLIN

The compendium for advertising now has a new modern look! On 150 pages, the new issue presents editorial content alongside its familiar selection of inspiring, creative works from all corners of the globe in the areas of print, film and digital. This new modern look was created by Art Director Christine Thierry and the LÜRZER’S team. Meet Sheila King, a superwoman and our GoSee Friend for many years, as well as Lewis Blackwell and Christine this year in person at UPDATE.

“We first appeared almost 40 years ago, and the industry we helped to inspire back then has moved on. So now, we have too. Our new logo represents a modern industry where digital and film are at least as important as print. But where being selected for our archive is still one of the most valued creative achievements. We hope you like it,” says Michael Weinzettl, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief. 

“…However, one thing hasn’t changed : The celebrated collection of the best advertising and related communication that Lürzer’s Archive displays from around the world. The core offering is still at our heart, in print and in the searchable online archive. The only difference, in issues to come, will be that you see us broaden our range… It’s reader support that has made Lürzer’s Archive so cherished and collected over the past incredible 38 years, ever since our late founder Walter Lürzer took the bold step to launch. It is your engagement that enables us to fuel the industry with our unique curation and promotion of the best, and the issues that make this work happen…”

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New Design, New Management : LÜRZER’S ARCHIVE set to reveal its new magazine, new team and lots of new projects at UPDATE-22-BERLIN

Lürzer’s Archive, the leading magazine for global advertising creativity, will premiere its new design and management at this year’s UPDATE-22-BERLIN. Ever since it was founded in Germany in 1984 by the highly successful ad creative and entrepreneur Walter Lürzer, the magazine has gained a worldwide reputation and published several editions and related books.

Last September, control of the magazine passed from the Lürzer family to Creative Standards International, owners of the Cresta Awards. With new ideas and fresh investments, the title is set to relaunch later this spring with an expanded online presence as well as a new design and content for the magazine. Update.Salon will be the first event to showcase the developments.

“I’m delighted by the changes we are working on,” comments Michael Weinzettl, longstanding Editor-in-Chief and Publisher based in Berlin. “We are strengthening several of the most popular features of the magazine, adding more content and extending our online activities. We’re giving the whole company a major design refresh.

Photography and photographers will also be more effectively reviewed and showcased on the new website and in the magazine. “With our latest ‘200 Best Photographers’ book, just out, we are entirely aware of the rapid developments and aspiring talents in photography. We can and must help to explore, critique and celebrate this great industry. To do precisely that, we are launching new products in print and on the website.”

The new Managing Directors of Lürzer’s Archive, Lewis Blackwell and Alan Page, will join Michael Weinzettl, Sales Manager Sheila King and other colleagues as part of a larger group at UPDATE-22-BERLIN this May.

Lewis Blackwell, former Global Creative Director of Getty Images and bestselling author of a series of photography books, tells us : “The creative community, particularly in the areas of photography and film, is very close to my heart. It’s wonderful that the Update.Salon event can take place again. This will be a big year for Lürzer’s Archive, and making our contribution to this event will be a highlight.”

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Creative duo ANNTHEO made onto the list of ‘the 200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide 2020’ in LÜRZER’S ARCHIVE. We congratulate them and present you their latest campaign for DEKA INVESTMENT.
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