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news featured by B&A REPS Germany ‘Bielefeld, Paris or Madrid’ - the video of punk singer DEINE COUSINE by Director & DOP Wolfgang ZAC c/o B&A Germany feat. TandemRouge™

When Wolfie shot DEINE COUSINE’s album cover, he and the German punk songstress clicked like metal studs and leather. So when she asked him to do the video for her brand new song ‘Bielefeld, Paris oder Madrid’, Wolfie’s only answer was : “You rock, and we’ll roll the film.

Wolfgang ZAC: “Concept, execution, editing, and grading is a 100% ZacLabs creation featuring TandemRogue™ – Wolfie and his creative partner Claudia’s tag-team, Sid and Nancy, two camera shoot style. The song is about having a total punk mentality to life: empty your account, jump in the car, live in the moment, do what you want.

So the first creative decision was to go punk with a self-imposed, minimal budget rule. Beg, borrow and steal everything. And then take a performer who’s only ever been seen in fishnets and Doc Martens, and dress Deine Cousine as a variety of glamorous female archetypes.

With a stylist, a hair and makeup person, and a third on lights, they were given the punk decree: do whatever you want....

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