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LUNIK : production of album artwork for RAMMSTEIN’s ‘Zeit’, photographed by Bryan Adams for Universal Music in Berlin

‘Ein jeder kennt den perfekten Moment’ – for the cover of ‘Zeit’ (Time), the eighth album by the band RAMMSTEIN, photographer Bryan Adams captured the perfect moment. Over the course of two days of shooting, iconic images were created against the backdrop of impressive architecture in various locations across Berlin. LUNIK supported the production for Universal Music in the creative capital. Art Director Dirk Rudolph c/o UPFRONT was in charge of cover art.

“We accompany international productions and, based on our global network built upon long-standing partnerships, guarantee professional local support to make sure things run smoothly. As an experienced photo agency, we are glad to work as service production company in Berlin or elsewhere in Germany. We provide made-to-measure services including set assistance, driver service or even full-service packages…” LUNIK tells us.
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LUNIK PRODUCTIONS : Matthias Hangst photographs top athletes from cycling to rugby with the newest NIKON lens

Matthias Hangst, Chief Sports Photographer for Getty Images, photographed two Berlin-based top-level sports teams and shows us everything the new lens in the NIKKOR Z series by Japanese camera giant NIKON is capable of in the process. He was supported in his endeavor by LUNIK PRODUCTIONS with Executive Producer Arne Weingart.

Lunik : “We were once again on the job for NIKON – creating breathtaking photos of two top teams – with leading rugby athletes and the fastest of the fast track cyclists. Matthias Hangst, Chief Sports Photographer for Getty Images, and two impressive but also inspiring days of production for the newest sports lens in the Z series (400/2.8) from Nikon.”

Nikon on the lens : “The ultra-wide Nikon Z mount enables your NIKKOR Z lens to capture more light across the entire frame. Combined with the short distance between mount and sensor, light fall off at the edges of the frame is significantly reduced. This results in new possibilities for detail and nuance – all the way to the edge.”

The executive agency was K & L Tokyo.

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Florian Bison photographs the SPARKASSEN campaign for corporate clients – produced by LUNIK and Bigshrimp in Berlin

The new SPARKASSE campaign for corporate clients is all about the topics sustainability and digitization. It was photographed by Florian Bison c/o Klein Photographen. Responsible for production in a gallant twin-pack were Bigshrimp in Hamburg and Lunik on location in Berlin. The executive agency was Scholz & Friends. As an experienced photo agency, LUNIK likes to work frequently as a service production company in Berlin or throughout Germany.

Besides casting, location scouting and service production, LUNIK also offers global production support : “For international productions, we are at your side on location, and our global network of long-term partners ensures professional local support and smooth production. For theses services, we set an overall budget in euros and are responsible for the individual productions in various different countries – from calculation of costs in foreign currencies to exact receipt-based billing or even planning and booking global travel.”

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