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News // 13 News by MARKUS MUELLER

MARKUS MUELLER presents the visually stunning series ‘Wild North’, for which he accompanied extreme sports athlete and mental coach Hendrik Stachnau in the Swedish wilderness

In the ice-cold North, MARKUS MUELLER c/o Kai Tietz photographed the ‘Dog Whisperer’ Hendrik Stachnau with his huskies. Hendrik Stachnau is a two-time world champion and is the first to accomplish the longest and toughest races in the world with the original sled dog breeds Greenland Dogs and Alaskan Malamutes.
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MARKUS MUELLER photographs the ‘Dreams’ image campaign with female wrestler Jazzy Gabert for LEXWARE and Reinsclassen

Jazzy Gabert is among Germany’s most famous female wrestlers. LEXWARE got her on board for the new image campaign ‘Dreams’. It is about inspiring personalities who have chosen a special path for their career stories. MARKUS MUELLER photographed the new motifs for it, and there are more to come.

Creative Director was Georg Fischböck from Reinsclassen GmbH & Co. KG, production was in the hands of WE LOVE ARTBUYING and retouch came from GoSee Member POP Postproduktion.

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MARKUS MUELLER photographs visually stunning feelings of happiness for Swiss online casino JACKPOTS.CH and the agency Family AG

In the new image campaign for Swiss online casino jackpots.ch, MARKUS MUELLER staged feelings of happiness in visually stunning imagery. The creative agency was Family AG from Zurich.

Family: “Our campaign last year successfully demonstrated that happiness is nothing more, and nothing less, than avoiding misfortune. This year, the concept is to get to the very origin of a moment of happiness. The focus in this humorous chain reaction of happiness is on emotions. The story for it was dramatically staged in slow motion, told backwards and accompanied by an epic catchy soundtrack. The 360° image campaign celebrates moments of happiness with dedicated creatives to share in the excitement.”

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