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news MAGNUS WINTER presents ‘LUBERON, 34°’ as personal work in photos and film on GoSee.News

Photographer and director MAGNUS WINTER presents us the personal project ‘LUBERON, 34°’ here on GoSee. For those who are not privy : The Luberon is a limestone mountain range located around 50 kilometers south-east of Avignon in southern France. The perfect place for a timeless outdoor shoot on a hot summer day.

“Summer is not a season but a feeling. It’s about the feeling of endless days, limitless time, rushing past us unnoticed. Doing nothing other than simply being there. Watching the light, feeling the headwind. Imagining oneself being in different places.” Magnus Winter tells us.

The spread and the 1-minute spot skillfully capture this feeling of weightlessness, this sensual state, in which, for a split second, everything and nothing seems possible.

DOP was Shane Thomas Mc Millan, and posing for Magnus’s camera were the protagonists Claire, Renée and Adam.

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