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‘Inspired by the Future’ MERCEDES-BENZ x AVATAR - the Mercedes product campaign for the VISION AVTR concept car with images by MAGROUND

The collaboration between Mercedes-Benz and Avatar 2 showcases their shared commitment to sustainability and innovation.

“We are thrilled and honored to have been chosen as a partner for the Mercedes product campaign, collaborating with the highly anticipated movie, Avatar 2. We are proud to have our background images and HDR domes selected by the lead advertising agency Antoni for this exciting project.”

The Avatar franchise, known for its pioneering visual effects and eco-friendly topics, is a perfect fit for Mercedes-Benz, a company that is proud of innovation and sustainability.

The original brand campaign features the Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR, a concept car that was inspired by the Avatar movie. It is powered by a battery made from compostable material, and it has no steering wheel, but instead uses a biometric connection between the car and driver. The VISION AVTR is an example of sustainable luxury in the area of design.

The main focus of the campaign is on the presentation of the progressive technology and sustainable features of the Vision AVTR. Mercedes-Benz created the marketing visuals for the latest product campaign with backgrounds from Maground. The results perfectly complement the look & feel of the film.

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MAGROUND x MONZA - new photos of the Italian circuit show the adrenaline-fueled magic of motorsports - from an elegant sports car to heart-stopping action shots

New shots from the iconic racetrack in Monza, Italy, can now be seen on maground.com. This collection showcases the adrenaline-fueled magic of motorsports in 100 shots. From sleek sports cars to heart-stopping action shots, the CGI-ready backplates and HDR images are of the highest quality, providing the perfect visual foundation for your creative projects.

“Visit the MAGROUND website and experience the thrill of Monza for yourself. Let the photo collection inspire you and accelerate your creative work.”

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Unleashing the Surreal : When MAGROUND meets Midjourney !

In a world where technology is constantly evolving, it’s not surprising that art forms are also keeping pace to incorporate these advancements. One such intersection is between photography and artificial intelligence (AI). Recently, MAGROUND and Mainworks collaborated to create a unique project that combines photographed locations of weird places.

MAGROUND is the leading provider of photographed and CG image content of locations from all over the world : “We offer a vast collection of high-quality photographed backplates and 360° HDRIs for various areas such as marketing, design and architecture with a focus on automotive visualizations.” Mainworks, on the other hand, is an innovative digital studio that specializes in CGI and post production. Having stepped into the world of VR together years ago, we now offer custom AI-based visualization solutions for various industries, too.

This collaboration between MAGROUND and Mainworks resulted in a series of images that showcase the potential of AI in creative fields. The images are a combination of real-life photographed locations and AI-generated freaky people/avatar images, seamlessly blended together to create a surreal and eerie atmosphere. The archive of high-quality backplates and 360° HDRIs is not only a perfect stage for automotive marketing visualizations but can also be used for people integration.

Midjourney, the software used in the project, is an AI-based tool that allows artists and designers to create realistic and complex human-like figures. Midjourney uses machine learning to generate unique characters with distinct facial features, expressions and body shapes. The software also allows for easy customization, enabling the artists to adjust the appearance of the generated characters to fit the theme of their project.

MAGROUND : “The collaboration between MAGROUND and Mainworks is an excellent example of how AI can be used to enhance traditional art forms, such as photography. The use of AI in this project resulted in a unique and captivating series of images that pushes the boundaries of what is possible in the creative world. It’s exciting to think about what the future may hold for the intersection of technology and creativity, and this collaboration is a step toward exploring these possibilities.”

Take a look at the complete photo production of this US road trip featuring real-life photographed locations combined with AI-generated freaky people/avatar images in Midjourney on the MAGROUND blog.

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