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news featured by Peter Schreiber Photodesign Next Level – PETER SCHREIBER PHOTODESIGN takes a trip around the world with the PORSCHE Taycan for RAMP Mag #51 in Munich’s super-innovative Hyperbowl Studio

PETER SCHREIBER is the very first photographer to have the honor of realizing a spread at Hyperbowl Studio* Munich with the latest technology for RAMP #51 magazine. Thanks to the incredible range of the PORSCHE Taycan and with the aid of the most modern LED tech at the Hyperbowl Studio, it was possible to take a pretty laid-back trip around the globe in just one day – including a precision landing on Mars. Peter Schreiber : “Thank you to everyone who helped, in other words, Maground, Hyperbowl, NSYNK, Acht, and of course, ramp magazine!” To be continued ...

ABOUT – HYPERBOWL. The DISNEY series “THE MANDALORIAN” opened the door to a new era of filmmaking. The revolutionary technology from HOLLYWOOD is now available in Munich. In a virtual production studio, the traditional green screen is replaced by an enormous LED that displays virtual worlds and lights the set. Showing the scene in real time from the camera perspective, the LED becomes a window into worlds where anything is...

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