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news ‘Own The Floor’ - NIKE Korea supports the Team Korea breakdancing crew on their way to the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, and we have the spot by Jean-Yves LEMOIGNE c/o MAKING PICTURES for you on GoSee.NEWS

At the 2018 Summer Youth Olympics, breakdancing competitions were held for the very first time. And in Paris, the time has finally come : At the 2024 Olympics in Paris, B-boys and B-girls will break for Olympic medals for the first time. The next huge milestone for a thus officially recognized sport, which originated – before taking the world by storm – in the urban jungle of the Bronx.

NIKE Korea called upon Jean-Yves LEMOIGNE c/o MAKING PICTURES to immortalize the Team Korea breakdancing crew with a spot on its way to the 2024 Olympics in Paris. And the campaign claim ‘Own The Floor’ nails it – perfect moves by highly concentrated athletes. Because : Korea loves breaking.

The South Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has already promoted breakdancing as a prominent part of the nation’s cultural life, and a number of government-sponsored breakdancing competitions are held each year. All the more demanding is the sport when it comes to skill. Without years of training put...

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