Sam Hofman c/o Making Pictures

Additional Info // about Sam Hofman

Still-life photographer Sam Hofman creates exceptionally eye-catching imagery, though he admits that a lot of his work is based on instinct. Luckily for him, and his many clients, Sam’s instincts are spot-on and his photographs have a graphic physicality that cuts through the visual noise.  
Born and raised in the West Country, trained in Falmouth and now based in London, Sam has a distinctive creative vision and a considered way of thinking about his craft. But he also enjoys collaborating on set and bringing everyone’s ideas into the final reckoning.       

In his clean, constructed photographs he plays with colour, texture and form to present familiar ideas in thrillingly unexpected ways. By constantly experimenting with different materials and in-camera techniques, he creates original commercial and editorial shoots, whether that’s mini landscapes on which to showcase an Oki Ni product range, or presenting Ted Baker brogues in exquisitely shot culinary settings
Stunning personal projects like Shadow Lock give free rein to his own artistic impulses and interests and there’s a clear connection between his self-initiated and commissioned work. Sometimes Sam revels in complexity but at others he focuses on purity and simplicity, and the results are equally impressive.