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AITO in Twilight - MARC TRAUTMANN photographs the new HUAWEI AITO M9 Electric Vehicle

The new HUAWEI AITO M9 EV was photographed by MARC TRAUTMANN on an empty airfield in China. Production of the spread was in the hands of Jedivisual.

Aito (which translates to ‘ask the world’) is a Chinese car brand originally introduced as a sub-brand by Seres Group in 2021. In June 2023, it was completely acquired by tech giant Huawei.

“There is a difference of only one letter between AITO and AUTO: ‘I’ stands for intelligence, which represents innovative technological capabilities such as the HarmonyOS smart cockpit. Empowered by this one letter ‘I’, AITO continues to make cars smarter.” AITO.

In December 2021, Huawei announced the launch of the brand and introduced the Aito M5 as its first vehicle, developed in cooperation with Seres Group. The second model was the Aito M7, which was presented for the first time in April 2022. The brand’s largest model, the Aito M9, has been manufactured since October 2023. Responsible for post production was POP.

HUAWEI AITO M9 Electric Vehicle
Photographer: Marc Trautmann
Production: Jedivisual
Post Production: POP 

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MARC TRAUTMANN photographs his BENTLEY SPEED SUISSE project in Andermatt and the Swiss Alps

MARC TRAUTMANN presents us his BENTLEY production, which took him to the very heart of the Swiss Alps. Together with GoSee Member WIDE PRODUCTION and ZERONE in post, the project delivered powerful motifs.

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‘Tracker’ - a personal project by transportation photographer and director MARC TRAUTMANN

The personal project ‘Tracker’ was photographed by MARC TRAUTMANN in Downtown L.A.’s Arts District.
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